I am an illusionist and sleight of hand artist with 40 years’ experience and a graduate of Chavez School of Magic as well as member of Hollywood's Magic Castle.

​I have been performing magic for the past several decades, using the art of magic for balls, openings, private show, TV commercials, TV shows and films.

My blend of skills has been learned from some of the greatest and legendary masters of magic – Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Dale Salwak and Richard Turner, the world-famous card cheat.

Once a Thief
God of Gamblers
Music videos including Manhattan Transfer and Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath.
Academy Awards.
What Now, New Zealand (Several appearances, one such show being the highest rated What Now to date, with my performance accounting for 20% of the show.

​I am now based in Queenstown, New Zealand.


"The highlight of the evening’s entertainment was the performance of the devastatingly handsome magician Declan Wong.”
‘On the Town’ by Winsome Lane, Hong Kong

It’s hardly surprising Declan Wong has magical powers; he comes from a ‘full house of stars’. Declan is a master of misdirection ... he can make a glass ball float on a piece of silk or pull 100 coins out of thin air.
‘Abracadabra’ – Sherman Chau for Hong Kong Mail

This interview was plain freaky. Illusionist Declan Wong handed me a couple of cards – the two and three of diamonds. I held them tight. He touched the cards. In my hand were two black kings.
Mr Wong’s audiences ...his appearance at the Academy Awards in 1988 or performing for audiences of 1000 at high-flying balls in Japan and Hong Kong. Earlier this month he performed at the opening of Otago’s 150th anniversary celebrations in Dunedin.
‘Now you see it’ – Rhonda Markby for The Timaru Herald

Small children and grown adults were equally amazed yesterday when magician Declan Wong performed at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.
The sleight-of-hand artist and illusionist drew gasps of surprise from an audience of about 150 while also drawing cards from the air.
‘Magical show at gallery’ – Tracie Barrett for ODT